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Staff productivity improvement

A leading retail bank


Faster patient turnaround time

A blood laboratory chain


Reduction in total serving time

A major city council


Increase in contract sales volume

A global telecom/wireless retailer

The Leading Customer Journey Management System

Qmatic is the global leader in customer journey management. We invented the concept in 1981 and have remained committed to innovating world-class technology solutions that create great experiences for customers, patients, citizens and the staff who serve them.

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The quality of your customer journey impacts every part of your business. Qmatic engineers integrated software, hardware, and analytics solutions that create remarkable experiences from the first point of engagement and keep your people in go.

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Qmatic Blog

  • Clicking is simple. Collecting should be too.

    Click & Collect (C&C) is not a new concept to retailers or to customers. Earlier this year, it was estimated that retailers are fulfilling up to 70% of their online orders in-store.[1] It’s an attractive – and demanded – part of customer service and many retailers are starting to realise measurable benefits. For example, C&C helps to reduce purchase friction whilst driving up footfall and point-of-purchase revenues.

  • Are you Successfully Removing Experience Gaps from Your Omnichannel Retail Journey?

    As recently as 2014, leading analysts including Forrester, Accenture, IDC, Ipsos MediaCT, Sterling Brands and Google Think were building a case for the omnichannel model.[1] It was considered a competitive advantage that most retailers were unable to leverage. It has rapidly evolved from being something that only ‘sophisticated’ retailers pursued to something most retailers today recognize as vital to their business.